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SECAD stands for South and East Cork Area Development. It is a partnership company, one of thiry eight in Ireland.  This means that it works in partnership with state agencies such as the VEC, Solas, local authorities, the community sector and social partners such as employer, trade union, farming and environmental sectors. SECAD is funded by the government to roll out programmes such as the Rural Development Programme, The Local Community Development Programme, the Rural Transport Programme, South and East Cork Tourism, the Equality for Women measure, the Rural Social Scheme, the Tús workplacement scheme and others.




The area stretches from Ballincollig to Youghal Bridge and includes Douglas, Glanmire, Carrigaline, Cobh, Carrigtwohill and Midleton. VIEW THE MAP




SECAD provides employment supports to individuals and groups who are seeking employment, education or training. SECAD also provides an information service in five locations in East Cork, Ballincollig, Carrigaline, Cobh, Midleton and Youghal.

SECAD provides supports in the form of mentoring, training courses, small grants and networking to people setting up their own business. Under the Local and Community Development Programme SECAD provides a range of supports to communities and individuals e.g. funding for community projects, training courses for community groups, training programmes to support people who are seeking work or education, supports for mental health projects and support for youth projects.

SECAD operates a community based rural transport service.

SECAD provides significant funding to enterprise projects under the Rural Development Programme (RDP). It should be noted that you can apply for this funding if you are living in any area of South and East Cork, e.g. Ballincollig, Carrigaline, Midleton, Youghal, Cobh, Glanmire and Douglas. The RDP funds projects in Non-Agricultural, Activities, Business creation and development, Encouragement of Tourism Activities, Basic services for the Economy and Rural Population, Village Renewal and Development Conservation and Upgrading of the Rural Heritage.


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