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Employer Pathways 2.0 – will you join us?

At SECAD we are committed to supporting long term unemployed people to connect, share, learn and grow as they strive towards the objective of gaining employment. We have a vision of mentoring and coaching these individuals through this period. We have identified that there is a strong cohort of enterprising people and we have also identified the need to bring these people to their future employers.

This is a holistic and values-based endeavour and we need the support of the local communities and businesses to come on this journey with us and help it to succeed. This programme is seen as a collaboration between SECAD, the potential employees and the future employers.

It encourages all three of us to re-evaluate our capabilities in a practical way. Workshops and one to one coaching will allow the candidates to showcase and identify their own natural resources and skill set when embarking on this pathway to employment. We believe that by raising their awareness of their own employability and encouraging self-development a more distinguished potential employee will emerge.

We have a very strong initial core group of potential employees that we are working with at the moment. The skill set is diverse and the calibre of individual is one of a strong work ethos. These skills range from those with retail experience, enthusiastic tourism personnel, creative and artistic individuals with experience in web design and those involved in bio diversity and research fields.

The admin and IT sectors are well represented among this group and there is a wealth of experience to be tapped into here.
The advantage for the businesses that join us is that there is for the most part a Jobs Plus advantage with these candidates which is a tax free incentive paid monthly over two years of an amount up to 10k. It is a resource pool that is for the most part underutilised and a generally untapped recruitment potential. It saves time in their own organisation by utilizing SECADs pre-screening and coaching process. It could be raised as a socially inclusive new concept for the employer and sits well within the pillars of CSR, (Corporate Social Responsibility).

CSR is a concept whereby enterprises integrate social and environmental concerns into their mainstream business operations on a voluntary basis. To have an ethos of this within a company is proven to have a positive impact on staff morale which can lead to a more productive and committed workforce no matter what size the enterprise. It certainly raises benefits for the community if the local businesses take an active interest in both the community and their people.

We are actively seeking local businesses to join us in this endeavour, it is our vision for this East Cork Community to raise the bar and actively look after our own people who live and work here. It’s a shift away from the more recent employment methods and goes back to basics dealing with people on a one to one basis and encourages a more personal and values based process. The vision is one of inclusivity and encouragement to gain employment for those of us actively seeking employment in the area we love.

“At SECAD we have decided to take our employers pathway service to the next level. Employer Pathways 2.0. Our vision is one of Courage, Commitment and Collaboration. Will you join us?”

Key Benefits to the Employer: • Greater visibility in the local community, regionally and nationally

  • Tapping into a source of generally untapped potential
  • Low risk recruitment
  • Free publicity and positive socially inclusive image
  • An opportunity to encourage a mentorship programme in their own company in conjunction with SECAD’s coaching and mentoring framework
  • Improved morale in their own staff
  • A workforce committed to the success of the business
  • A respectful work ethos established in their companies and respect for those who are unemployed and seeking employment
  • Low cost recruitment (no cost) if Jobs Plus is actively called upon
  • Saving time in their own organisation by utilising SECADs pre-screening and coaching process
  • CSR raised within the company and externally in the community
  • Involvement in company fairs and events to promote the supporters of this project
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