FETAC and HETAC Awards

FETAC is the Further Education and Training Awards Council which is the Irish State awarding body for further education and training in Ireland. FETAC makes awards for further education – on the National Framework these are levels 1-6.  HETAC is the Higher Education and Training Awards Councils and makes awards at Higher levels 7-10 on the National Framework of Qualifications. HETAC awards are taught at Higher Education institutes of Education, at University level, Institutes of Technology or their equivalent. FETAC awards are taught at colleges of further education or their equivalent. All awards have a specific placing on the framework which allows award holders to progress more easily within the system. Employers will also recognise these qualifications because FETAC and HETAC awards are quality assured and recognised by the state.

Candidates can start their studies at level 5 but some may wish to begin at lower levels. A FETAC or HETAC award is made up of modules of studies. Candidates may study for individual awards and receive a record of achievement or they may attempt to complete all modules in a career area (at FETAC Level this is 8 modules) and receive a Full Award for that discipline.  At degree level the system is usually credit-based, with 60 credits for a year’s work at undergraduate  level, typically 288 hours.

Websites for FETAC and HETAC are as follows:

www.fetac.ie and www.hetac.ie


What is the National Framework of Qualifications?

The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) provides a way to compare qualifications, and to ensure that they are quality assured and recognised at home and abroad. Information about the NFQ is available at this website:


A diagram explaining the national qualifications system


The National Qualifications Authority of Ireland

The NQAI is an agency of the Department of Education and Skills and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation and was set up in February 2001.  It has responsibility for developing and maintaining the National Framework of Qualifications.

Web: http://www.nqai.ie/about.html



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