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Is your organisation a social enterprise?  If you are a social enterprise, or are interested in developing the social enterprise aspects of your work, please read on…



A social enterprise is an organisation that has a social ethos and makes some of its income through business or trade.



If you are a social enterprise or NGO who is interested in exploring ways to further your charitable or social cause, please complete this survey so that SECAD can learn more about the needs of Social Enterprises in the Cork area.  All respondents will be placed on the SECAD Social Enterprise database and will receive information on the following:


  • Business Development supports and opportunities
  • Finding opportunities
  • Training
  • Networking


This questionnaire contains just over 20 questions, most of which are multi-choice and should take only about 5-10 minutes to complete. Any information in section two about your organisation’s support needs will be confidential within the SECAD and research team and will not be available in the final report except in an aggregate and therefore anonymous form.


SECAD has commissioned this survey to explore the following:


  • How many social enterprises are there in the Cork area,
  • How many NGOs are interested in exploring social enterprise models,
  • What supports are required
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