SECAD Sustainable Food Training Programme

The SECAD Sustainable Food Training Programme has been designed and developed by SECAD Partnership CLG in conjunction with delivery partners The Clean Technology Centre (MTU), SustHub and Change by Degrees. Developed with food producers in mind, this training programme seeks to assist Small, Medium and Artisan food producers in rural areas to understand and commit to more sustainable business practices. Having identified the following challenges faced by food and beverage producers in relation to sustainability: sustainable sourcing & supply chain practices, packaging, energy, water & waste, consumer education, carbon emissions, renewable energy and climate change, training modules will be offered to owner/operators and their key staff members to equip them to address these challenges. The programme will be run over SECAD’s two operational areas in South & West Cork.


SECAD Sustainable Food Training Programme

Pictured (L-R), Keelin Tobin, Environmental Researcher (CTC), James Hogan, Programme Manager (CTC) & Suzanne Kearney, Assistant CEO, SECAD


Why should your company take part?

Sustainability is no longer just a nice to have, but a must have in this competitive business landscape. Business leaders are now accountable for their financial, social, and environmental responsibilities and the legacy they wish to leave. In the light of the changing sustainability landscape, leaders need to weigh up all factors in creating a resilient, relevant and resonant business model.  We must be an employer of choice, an investment of choice, a neighbour of choice and a supplier of choice. It starts with education and awareness to cut through the ‘sustainability’ noise and create your action plan for impact. If not you then who will? If not now, then when? We cannot delay and we must shape the future now.

Join us and immerse your business leaders in the why, the what, the how, the when and the where of sustainability, climate, carbon, stakeholder engagement, resource efficiency, value generation, design thinking and the circular economy. Learn practical skills to apply immediately in your business to drive your sustainability performance.


Course Overview

This programme will run from May 2021 to November 2021 (with a break across July and August) and attendees will take part in the following:

  • 10 x 3-hour training modules (delivered online)
  • Site visits to businesses considered to be pursuing best practice in the area of sustainability and/or resource efficiency (subject to COVID 19 government restrictions)
  • One to one training as relevant to their business needs
  • Networking opportunities with food businesses

The modules covered in the training programme will include:

  1. Sustainability – The What and The How (To include green finance and green procurement)
  2. Our Food and Our Environment
  3. Resource Efficiency (Managing energy, water and waste)
  4. Climate Change – Measure your Carbon Footprint
  5. Communication – Engaging the Marketplace – Understanding Consumer Behaviour and Sustainable Consumption
  6. Circular Economy Proposition Design
  7. Managing Food Waste
  8. Building a Sustainability Culture – Engaging Employees & Suppliers
  9. Packaging, Storage, Transport & Distribution: Sustainable Supply Chain Design
  10. Design Thinking, Innovation & Sustainability


Eligibility Criteria

Companies that wish to participate in this training programme must satisfy the following criteria:



For more information or to register please contact:
021 461 3432

To make an application, download the application form here.


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