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Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise Field of Dreams | www.secad.ie | SECAD Partnership CLG

Field of Dreams Social Enterprise, Bishopstown, Cork

A ‘social enterprise’ differs from a ‘private enterprise’ in that it is established to meet a social challenge or need and generally, will reinvest profits back into expanding its socially or environmentally orientated support and services.

During the 2016-2017 period, SECAD Partnership supported twelve social enterprises to access funding to grow and expand.

Programmes supporting social enterprises vary depending on demand and time of year.

Eligibility criteria will apply to participants.

Click below for case study examples of social enterprises supported by SECAD Partnership.

Contact info@secad.ie or 021 461 3432 to find out more.

”Increasingly, social enterprises will be essential to the provision of services in the coming years. After many years of working with businesses and the organisations to address social inclusion issues, SECAD Partnership is ideally placed to support and enable the growth and development of social enterprises.”
Ryan Howard

CEO, SECAD Partnership