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Passage West, Cork
Image: Tim Holloway

Strategic Planning for Villages & Towns

SECAD Partnership has been instrumental in assisting communities to carry out community consultation programmes and research for the development of strategic plans to shape future sustainable development.

Communities are guided to develop strategic projects that will reap the greatest long- term impact for their area. Two such examples include the towns of Carrigtwohill and Passage West in County Cork.

Since the launch of strategic five year plans in both areas in 2017, SECAD has continued to work with local steering groups and stakeholders as the implementation phase of the plans get underway.

SECAD may also provide support to individual community groups and social enterprises through the development of strategic plans to facilitate expansion and access additional resources. SECAD also supports communities via Tus and RSS community work placements. Click here to find out more.

For more information contact, Nuala O’ Connell at 021 461 34 32 or

Download Town & Village Strategic Plans
The ideas articulated in these plans are designed to reflect the incredible talent, resources and energy that exists within communities and provide a vehicle for stakeholders and investors to come together to deliver positive change. Fundamentally, these plans are about partnership and finding new ways to learn and work together in the interest of the community. These plans seek to be visionary by working through the small issues that add up to making a big change.’’
Ryan Howard

CEO, SECAD Partnership