Living in a good quality environment is an essential element of a sustainable community. SECAD Partnership recognises that the environment is equal to economic and social development as an enabling factor in building resilient rural communities.

To work towards achieving this, SECAD through its initiative – Wild Work collaborates with communities, environment focused organisations and partners to initiate practical environmental actions and sustainable local development.

Regenerative Agriculture in Ireland

Regenerative Agriculture and SECAD’s involvement in the REGINA Erasmus+ Project. Stories from Irish farmers who are implementing regenerative agriculture practices on their farm.

South and East Cork Bird Trail

Extensive bird trails have been developed by SECAD Partnership and are free to use and can be enjoyed by young and old bird watching enthusiasts.

Wild Work

In July 2017 with the support of thirty two of the largest employers across a range of business sectors including Tourism, IT, Pharma, Clean Technologies etc. in the Cork Harbour catchment area, SECAD introduced a new initiative – Wild Work.

Wild Work – Biodiversity Services for Community

SECAD Partnership has over twenty years’ experience of successful collaboration with local community and voluntary groups, disadvantaged groups, job seekers, businesses (including private and social enterprise), farmers and schools.

Wild Work – Environment & Wellbeing

Using the outdoors to enhance wellbeing
Wild Work Talk

Wild Work – Learning to Treat Invasive Species

From our experience of working closely with local communities, we have established a project which deals with problematic species such as Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia spp.), Traveller’s Joy (Clematis vitalba), Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) and Winter Heliotrope (Petasites fragrans).

Environment Case Studies

West Clare Couple Running a Mixed Regenerative Farm

Fergal and Sally Smith run an 80-acre mixed regenerative farm on the west coast of...

Regenerative Agriculture in Ireland Webinar

This webinar includes a short introduction to Regenerative Agriculture and then an overview of 7...

Meet the Irish Dairy Farmer who made the Switch to Regenerative Agriculture

John McHugh is a nature-friendly, registered organic farmer from Co. Laois, who farms a 95-hectare...

Father & Son Farming Duo find Inspiration through Regenerative Agriculture

Mervyn and Robert Auchmuty are farming together on their picturesque 400-acre arable (tillage) and mixed...

Meet the West Clare Couple who are pioneering the growing of Hemp Regeneratively in Ireland

Laura Jane Foley & Daniel Lyons are pioneering the growing of Hemp Regeneratively in Ireland,...

Meet the Kildare Tillage Farmer who practices No-Till Regenerative Agriculture

Andrew Bergin farms a 90-hectare regenerative tillage farm in County Kildare, growing a wide variety...

Organic Berries grown in the West Cork Mountains using Regenerative Agriculture Techniques

Derry Duff is a 54-hectare farm, established in 2008 and located near Bantry, Co Cork....

Cork Tillage Farmer sees Biodiversity Explosion since beginning Regenerative Agriculture

Paul Moore is a Tillage farmer near Midleton, Co. Cork farming 56 hectares, In 2017,...

Wild Work Heritage Week in Midleton
SECAD & Wild Work Events for Heritage Week

Last few places on the following workshops in Tracton, Midleton & Macroom!

SECAD Staff Go Exploring with Wild Work

We swapped our fortnightly, online staff meeting for an outside Nature & Wellness session and...

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