SECAD Customer Charter

Purpose of this Charter

SECAD is committed to providing a quality service to its customers. The purpose of this Charter is to set out the standard of service we aim to provide. Our work greatly depends on a mutually respectful relationship with our customers therefore we aim to engage with them in a courteous, straightforward, and professional manner, to ensure the timely delivery of services and to be informative and effective in our engagement.

Our Customers

SECAD interacts with a wide range of internal and external customers such as:


  • Our employees
  • Our Board of Trustees


  • Government Departments and Local Government
  • Relevant State Bodies/Organisations
  • Relevant Regulatory Bodies
  • Community Organisations
  • Our Clients/Service Users
  • The General Public

SECAD’s Commitment to Customers

SECAD is committed to providing a quality service to all our customers under the following main principles:

  • Deliver quality services with respect, sensitivity, confidentiality and without judgement
  • Hold meetings and deliver services at times and in locations that best suit most of our customers
  • Protect all data shared with SECAD in accordance with current Irish and EU legislation
  • Provide clear, accurate, understandable information to our customers through a range of communication channels e.g. website, email, leaflets, annual reports etc.
  • Provide easily accessible contact points for information
  • Provide training accessible to all and in a variety of formats (e.g. in person, online etc.)
  • Continually review and improve communication with our customers
  • Support our customers to engage with the organisation at all levels
  • Satisfy the requirements of all our funders and partners

Commitment to Equality

SECAD is committed to treating all customers equally and in accordance with equality legislation. SECAD will ensure that its services are accessible to all including those with disabilities, language barriers etc.

Contacting SECAD

When our customers contact us via any means, SECAD will respond to you query with respect, due attention, sensitivity and in a timely manner. When you visit our office, you will be greeted in a friendly, courteous, compassionate, and professional manner. SECAD’s offices are accessible to those with physical disabilities and can make necessary arrangements for any visitors who need assistance with accessing our premises.


Should you have a complaint about any of SECAD services you can contact SECAD through the complaints procedure on our website