Enterprise & Tourism

The sustainability, vibrancy and future of our rural areas is directly linked to the existence of a range of different indigenous businesses within rural communities.

  • SECAD Sustainable Food Training Programme

    SECAD’s Sustainability for Food and Drink Businesses programme aims to provide practical training support to food and drink businesses wishing to pursue more environmentally conscious actions within their business operations. The…

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  • Food Waste Initiative

    SECAD Partnership is working with Savour Food, a food waste reduction initiative working with food processors, restaurants and food retailers across East Cork to reduce food waste and associated costs.

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  • Wild Work – Biodiversity Services for Business

    Wild Work creates connections, ecologically, and between business and community; while bringing wonderful wildness back into people’s everyday lives.

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  • Agri-diversification

    SECAD Partnership works with farmers and farm families through enterprise training and capital assistance programmes to enable farmers to upskill, and to diversify activities on or off farm. Farmers possess…

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  • Supporting Female Entrepreneurship

    WREN is a training and mentoring programme for women who wish to become self-employed or who are already in the early stages of business development.  The online, interactive workshops, are…

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  • Social Enterprise

    A ‘social enterprise’ differs from a ‘private enterprise’ in that it is established to meet a social challenge or need and generally, will reinvest profits back into expanding its socially…

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    Mary Crowley, RSS participant at Field of Dreams Social Enterprise
  • Rural Tourism & Ring of Cork

    Rural Tourism is critical to the economy of County Cork. Tourism is boosted by the region’s close proximity to traditionally strong tourism routes and a ready market of over one million people,…

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  • Start your own business support

    Are you thinking about setting up your own business? Through group workshops and working with a dedicated enterprise advisor we can help you to:

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    Enterprise & Tourism Case Studies