Community Climate Coaching | West Cork

Free Short Course in Community Resilience and Climate Action

SECAD Partnership is inviting applications to take part in our Community Climate Coaching Programme. The purpose of this training programme is to help develop the skills of key community stakeholders and representatives through a community led, climate action approach, and to facilitate participants to become effective community leaders.

The focus will be on skills development including:

Effective Communication: Conveying complex concepts to support community-led initiatives.
Conflict Resolution: Managing conflicts within initiatives.
Facilitation: Designing and hosting interventions to maximise participation and dialogue.
Mapping Strengths: Identifying stories of emergent practice.
Diversity: Examining approaches to reach seldom heard communities and ensure representation across the community.
Networking: Building connections to amplify community-led initiatives.

The course will:

  • develop awareness and understanding of the challenges of the climate emergency;
  • build capacity of local facilitators;
  • engage communities in climate action; and
  • support a just transition through sustainable community led local development.

The training will be led by Davie Philip, a community catalyst and facilitator at Cultivate, who has made significant contributions to the sustainable community movement in Ireland over the past 25 years.

Training Course 1 – Tracton Arts & Community Centre

Session 1OnlineWednesday, 14th February7 – 9 pm
Session 2In personSaturday, 17th February10 am – 5 pm
Session 3OnlineWednesday, 21st February7 – 9 pm
Session 4OnlineWednesday, 28th February7 – 9 pm

Training Course 2 – CECAS, Leap

Session 1OnlineWednesday, 6th March7 – 9 pm
Session 2In personSaturday, 9th March10 am – 5 pm
Session 3OnlineWednesday, 13th March7 – 9 pm
Session 4OnlineWednesday, 20th March7 – 9 pm

If you would like to participate, please complete the application form below.

Application Form

Your response to the following questions will provide us with a valuable insight into your needs and expectations of the programme.

SECAD Partnership is delivering this programme in conjunction with Ecolise and Cultivate. ECOLISE, and Cultivate, the Sustainable Ireland Co-op are the experts in community-led initiatives for climate change and sustainability and leaders in Community Climate Coaching.