East Cork Storm Babet Flood Damage Support Fund

There is an opportunity for residents of households in the East Cork areas, which were damaged by the Storm Babet flooding on 18th October 2023, to apply for an assistance grant.

The funding was made available through a confidential donation made by a corporate donor and will be managed by SECAD Partnership (SECAD).  SECAD is working in collaboration with the East Cork Area Council of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) to consider all applications for this support in a manner that is respectful and confidential.

It is intended that these funds will be distributed to those households that are in greatest need of this financial support.  It is acknowledged that the degree of financial stress differs from household to household. The wish of the donor is that these funds will be applied for and be allocated to those that are in most need (self-declared) of these funds.

These funds are for residential households only and must be in respect of:

  • Costs not covered by other funds or insurances.
  • Shortfalls in the cost of replacement or repairs that have been occurred.

Additional costs incurred by exceptional items such as greatly increased energy bills will also be considered.

The purpose of this funding is not to replace any funds that these households have already received or may receive from other sources.  It is intended that this support will focus on bridging costs not covered by other funds or sources.


The four main criteria are as follows:

  1. Be a home / household that suffered flood damage as a result of Storm Babet
  2. Be located within the East Cork Area
  3. Have a shortfall in finance in terms of the costs associated with addressing damage and issues caused by the Storm Babet flooding.

Shortfalls can arise where:

  • the amount of funds received from other sources does not equal the cost of replacement and / or repair.
  • there are increased energy costs due to drying out buildings, etc.
  1. Be a person and household in most need.  The applicant seeking this support will self-declare that their household should be considered within the category of in ‘most need’ of any support provided (as there is a limited amount of funding available) and the intention is that those that seek and receive this support are in ‘most need’ of relief at this time.

Application Process

Contact SVP Regional Offices in Cork:

P: 021 4270444

E: info.southwest@svp.ie

  • All applicants will be asked to leave their contact details and a meeting will be organised with each person to discuss their situation.
  • At this meeting, the applicant will be requested to sign a consent form, under GDPR requirements, giving consent that SVP and SECAD can share the information provided to the designated people within SECAD and SVP, in order to determine if an allocation of funds and the amount of same is appropriate.
  • Each applicant will be informed of the outcome of this process.

All information provided by applicants, including all details contained within the application and decisions made will remain strictly confidential and will not be shared under any circumstances with anyone outside of the designated people within SECAD and SVP.