Crossroads Webinar Series

Would you like to explore your options but don’t  know how to  start?

To support you, we have created a series of webinar recordings which you can access at any time. The six webinars are delivered by experts in their field and can be listened to in any order.  Click here to access the webinars.

Webinar: Your job applications: are they hitting a dead end?

  • Common obstacles when applying for a job
  • Importance of reviewing the job description
  • seeing the world through the employer’s eye
  • Your CV – your personal sales brochure
  • Tailoring your CV to your skills, experience & strengths to match the job

Webinar: Exploring the Pharma Industry: Get the inside track from an industry insider

  • What are the different types of pharma industry & the various departments that exist
  • How to apply for an entry level position within pharma & the qualifications required
  • Industry language – important for applications

Webinar: Mapping your next steps

  • What do you really want to do next – career, education?
  • Putting steps in place to achieve your goals
  • Make a plan that works for you
  • How to keep focused as you work towards meeting your end goals

Webinar: Is remote working the future?

  • What does remote working mean?
  • How can you work effectively from home?
  • self-motivation, productivity
  • Does this way of working suit you? What is the reality of remote working, what can you expect?
  • How to find remote job opportunities?

Webinar: Self-drive your future! – Could you be your own boss?

  • What you need to know before you decide to set out on the entrepreneurial journey
  • What financial supports are available to people?
  • How much can I earn without being registering as self-employed?
  • What are the growth areas for new business?

Webinar: Are your skills relevant, or is education the next exit

  • Understanding the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)
  • Reviewing your current qualifications
  • Why education or training could be an option for you?
  • Education & training options that are currently available

SECAD Online Learning Hub

SECAD Online Learning

We have taken our learning online, and designed training programmes to support Employment, Business, Community & Tourism Supports in addition to Wellbeing & Personal Development.  Click here to watch our video and learn about the courses and how you can enroll.  Click here to go straight to the SECAD Online Learning Hub.