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Regenerative Agriculture in Ireland

Regenerative Agriculture and SECAD’s involvement in the REGINA Erasmus+ Project. Stories from Irish farmers who are implementing regenerative agriculture practices on their farm.

Celtic Interconnector Community Benefit Fund

EirGrid is the nationally owned operator and developer of the electricity transmission grid in Ireland

SECAD Sustainable Food Training Programme

SECAD’s Sustainability for Food and Drink Businesses programme aims to provide practical training support to food...

Employment Inclusion

Employment Inclusion with The Strive Programme works to bring adults with disabilities closer to the labour market

Wild Work

In July 2017 with the support of thirty two of the largest employers across a range of business sectors including Tourism, IT, Pharma, Clean Technologies etc. in the Cork Harbour catchment area, SECAD introduced a new initiative – Wild Work.

Community Food Initiatives

The Community Food Initiatives (CFI) programme is funded by safefood administered by SECAD. The purpose of the CFI is to positively influence the eating habits of low income families and to identify and promote best practice in local communities.

Community Benefit Funds

Building on 25 years of experience in the administration of funding and working with communities to enable them to access investment funds

Food Waste Initiative

SECAD Partnership is working with Savour Food, a food waste reduction initiative working with food processors, restaurants and food retailers across East Cork to reduce food waste and associated costs.

South and East Cork Bird Trail

Extensive bird trails have been developed by SECAD Partnership and are free to use and can be enjoyed by young and old bird watching enthusiasts.

Wild Work - Learning to Treat Invasive Species

From our experience of working closely with local communities, we have established a project which deals with problematic species such as Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia spp.), Traveller’s Joy (Clematis vitalba), Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) and Winter Heliotrope (Petasites fragrans).