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Lorraine Gamble

Lorraine Gamble saw the writing on the wall at her employment in sewing and tailoring business back in 2015.  Lorraine was aware should would soon be out of a job with a steady decline in business. ‘’I had always worked hard, but the time had come for me to adapt and plan for the longer term beyond going from job to job in what was dying trade.’’

SECAD’s employment advisor, Cora O’ Donnell helped Lorraine to identify a course in Office Administration available locally in Midleton. ‘’It was close to my work and I was able balance both and begin to plan for a time when my job would wind up.’’

‘’When I came to SECAD, I didn’t use computers and had no email address or CV.  On my second meeting with Cora, I had to return to her with my email address and complete my CV. She was brilliant and she couldn’t do enough to ensure I got the support I needed.’’  

‘’I wasted no time in between my meetings with SECAD, I went on to do a Customer Service and Reception Skills course at Cork College of Commerce.‘’

However, on graduation, Lorraine realised all roles required up to 2-3 years work experience. Again, Lorraine persevered and took up a Jobs Bridge placement doing administration and invoicing at the Mercy Hospital, Cork.  On her placement, Lorraine stepped up again and asked for more responsibilities on the job. ‘’After the placement in October 2016, I secured a three-month role as a Ward Clerk. I’m happy to say I’ve been working there ever since. The job is varied and involves working with patients and staff on the front line and tracking patient notes and scheduling’’.  

Lorraine has come full circle with her career change and in addition to her proactivity and hard work, she credits SECAD with empowering her, ‘’without SECAD, I wouldn’t have known what do and where to go. It’s an excellent service and I tell everyone I can about it. ’’

Lorraine sending photo at work 20/9