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Integreat Ltd - Gerry O' Connor

Gerry O’Connor participated in SECAD’s ‘Start your own business’ course. Gerry came to SECAD with qualifications in interior joinery and extensive experience after a career starting out as an apprentice Joiner..

Grow to Play- Shelly O' Donovan

Shelley O’ Donovan had the seed of a business idea ignited from past experience in the education field and further study in play therapy when she was recommended to get in touch with SECAD by a colleague.

Eyelina - Alina Cugunova

Alina Cugunova attended SECAD’s ‘Start your own business’ course in 2012. Alina is the founder of the Eyelina, an eyebrow and eyelash clinic based in Cork city.

Moloney’s Cottage - Eoin O’Callaghan

Moloney's Cottage is a small-scale market garden producing fresh, seasonal vegetables in Carrigaline, Co. Cork.